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Attempts to Think About Interesting Shit

melodramatic teenage angst propaganda
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i'm a fucking cliche.
i've stopped caring.

This journal is mostly bullshit. Feel free to friend me, just note you'll be getting erratic updates that usually happen about once a month at 2:00 AM while intoxicated or reading to much.
you rhapsodize about beauty.
my eyes glaze.
everything i love is ugly.

i mean, really
you would be amazed.



Certain Choices
Richard Shelton
My friend, who was a heroin addict,
is dead and buried beneath trash
and broken bottles in a prison field.

He died, of course, because of the way
he lived. It wasn’t a very good way,
but it kept him alive. When it couldn’t
keep him alive any longer, it killed him.
thoroughly and with great suffering.

After he had made certain choices,
there were no others available. That’s
the way it is with certain choices,
and we are faced with them so young.

I have few friends, and none of them
are replaceable. That’s the way it is
with friends. We make certain choices.
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